Understanding Diffusion Models with KerasCV

Dive into the fascinating world of Diffusion Models and unlock the power of text-to-image generation with KerasCV! This talk will unveil the inner workings of these innovative models, breaking down the complex processes into clear, understandable steps. Using KerasCV, a high-performance deep learning library, we'll explore the practical implementation of diffusion models, empowering you to create captivating images directly from your textual descriptions.

What attendees can expect:

1. Demystifying diffusion models: Gain a fundamental understanding of the core concepts behind diffusion models, including denoising, latent space, and text encoding.

2. KerasCV for effortless implementation: Discover the advantages of using KerasCV for building and training diffusion models. Witness its streamlined API and optimization techniques in action.

3. Interactive demonstrations: Witness the magic firsthand! We'll walk through live coding examples, generating breathtaking images based on text prompts right before your eyes.

4. Beyond the basics: Explore advanced applications of diffusion models, including image editing, inpainting, and style transfer.

5. Actionable insights: Uncover practical tips and tricks to enhance your own image generation experiments with KerasCV.

Wesley Kambale

ML Engineer | Community Lead

Mbarara, Uganda


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