Katja Jokisalo

Design your digital workplace on Office 365

Office 365 has been around for years already, and the vast majority of the European companies have already moved to cloud-based applications on information work. We already know the basic roles of different apps, and there’s no abundance on “when to use what” infographics available.

However, in many cases, the real digital transformation does not happen with the change of the tools. Sometimes the situation turns even worse than it used to be – instead of just 1000 unread items on our inbox, we now have those same items scattered in multiple Teams teams, private chats, Yammer conversations – an yes, on email as well. File sharing with access links is incredibly easy, but finding the files shared with me afterward and using them in the right context with the right people is a real challenge.

In this eye-opening session, we will dive deep into the most common pain points on communication and collaboration with Office 365 and discuss the ways to solve them. You’ll get a bunch of proven real-life examples of how to improve the information architecture on your Office 365 environments, and learn how to make sure everyone in your organization shares the common ways of working with these tools.

Katja Jokisalo

Microsoft MVP & MCT | Lead Architect, Modern Work | Partner at Sulava

Katja is an enthusiastic technical consultant, speaker, and trainer who helps organizations create a better working life and improve their business with Office 365. She's Microsoft MVP (Office Apps and Services) and Certified Trainer.

She started her career with SharePoint 12 years ago, and since 2012 has been bringing companies to the cloud with various Office 365 based projects - collaboration hubs, intranet or extranet sites, workspaces, enterprise social networks, document management systems and enterprise search solutions.

Katja enjoys finding ways to make things run smoother - her main goal is to make the life of an information worker more productive and fun and thus help the employees to focus on their work. She has a great technical knowledge of Teams, SharePoint and related Microsoft-based platforms and solutions. In the evenings you're most likely to find her hanging on the wall (aka bouldering) or having her nose buried in a book.

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