Microsoft Viva - what it is and why you really should care about it

Employees, huh? What are they good for? Well, actually, everything for your organisation and that is why employee experience is such a big topic at the moment. The global coronavirus pandemic has accelerated changes in ways of working that were already taking place but the toll that this change has had on your staff is not always thought about.

Microsoft Viva is the new employee experience platform from Microsoft but the great news is that it is built into all those services that most of you are already using like Teams, SharePoint and the wider Microsoft 365. This session will explore what Viva actually is and how you can use it in your own organisation to support plans to improve life for your employees.

Kevin McDonnell

Group Manager - Modern Workplace @ Avanade, Co-host GreyHatBeardPrincess, Viva Explorer

Sevenoaks, United Kingdom

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