Azure Essentials for Power Platform Developers

It is quite common to use the technology stack on Microsoft Azure while building Power Platform solutions. Azure is a natural place to look first when you feel that Power Platform features are just not the right fit for the problem at hand.

In this session, I will walk you through all that you need to understand about Microsoft Azure as a Power Platform developer. This session is aimed for anyone who would like to start exploring Azure and start utilizing some of the tools available as a part of their Power Platform solution architecture.

We will begin with a summary of Azure services and features, followed by a walkthrough of setting up the Azure subscription, resource groups, and security settings. We will look at common Azure storage options that can be used with Power Platform (e.g. Blob storage, Table storage, Azure SQL etc.). Moreover, an introduction to Logic Apps and Azure Functions will be given with an example on how to write your first Azure function and how to trigger it from Logic Apps.

All this in an easy to comprehend, not too techy format, spiced with real-life use cases and explanations of why I have decided to go to Azure resources instead of trying to build everything with the Power Platform toolset.

Lasse Teeriaho

Power Platform Advisor, co-founder, Forward Forever

Helsinki, Finland

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