Lasse Teeriaho

Lasse Teeriaho

Power Platform Advisor, co-founder, Forward Forever

Helsinki, Finland


Lasse is a Power Platform Advisor and co-founder of Forward Forever. He is an expert on Power Platform technologies but also likes to work with Teams and experiment with new technologies. An entrepreneur at heart, Lasse has spent a fair amount of time working with Dynamics 365, machine learning, and data both on the customer and partner side of the business. Delivering simple solutions to complex problems has always been at the core of his philosophy.

Area of Expertise

  • Business & Management
  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Power Platform
  • Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Azure

Unlocking External Access to Power Platform

When customers require solutions involving users outside your organization, you'll need to consider how to make this a reality. In most instances, you'd prefer not to start an extensive Power Pages project; something more streamlined would often suffice. Moreover, the complexities of sharing apps and managing permissions & licenses within your tenant can sometimes be cumbersome. In this session, my aim is to assist you in making informed decisions on how to proceed.

Beyond Power Pages, there are various methods for granting external access to your Power Platform solutions and data. In this session, I'll explore multiple approaches I've used, also including my experiences from Power Pages implementations, third-party solutions, and custom-made solutions with a low-code approach.

Furthermore, I'll delve into best practices for sharing Power Apps with external users, discuss important licensing considerations, and to add a touch of excitement, unveil some inventive solutions you might not have previously considered.

Proven Practices for Utilizing the Whole of Power Platform

One key element in Power Platform’s success is its ability to utilize multiple different technologies to solve a great variety of problems. Despite this versatility, developers often stick to using only the technologies with which they are most comfortable working with while ignoring the rest. Power Platform is a rapidly growing toolset, and one may be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed while trying to master it all.

In this session, you will be given the right direction on how to use Power Platform’s full potential for solution development. Our company, Forward Forever, is a pioneer in Power Platform -based services. Based on our hundreds of customer cases, we have identified patterns and best practices, all of which we are eager to share with you. The session is practical, and it aims to give you a tangible head start on how to plan and create well-rounded Power Platform solutions, while at the same time highlighting the most common pitfalls. The most common use cases for Power Platform are covered, and on top of that, we will take a comprehensive outlook on the Power Platform market, how it stands right now, and how we see it shaping in the future.

Forward Forever is a leading expert on Power Platform technologies. This session is for everyone who wants a share in that expertise, to understand and use the entirety of Power Platform technologies.

How to handle large amounts of data with Power Automate?

Power Automate is a quick tool for building simple integrations between systems, but it might not be your optimal solution when dealing with large amounts of data. This session is for anyone who hates to wait for the Apply to Each -loops to complete and would like to find alternative ways to speed up the processing.

I’ll demo some of the tips and tricks that I’ve found useful along the way in building Power Automate and Logic Apps integrations for clients. You’ll learn, for example, how to upload data in bulk to Dataverse and Azure SQL databases in different ways. Moreover, I’ll cover how to do a bit more complex data operations by using arrays.

Some of the techniques shown might not be your optimal solution, but at least it is fun to see how much you can achieve with Power Automate on enterprise-level integration scenarios.

Power BI Embedded and REST API for everyone

Power BI Embedded might feel overwhelming at first for Power Platform developers. Not only is it considered costly and rare in customer environments, but it also requires a bit broader technical understanding of Power BI.

In this session, I will cover the basics that you need to know about Power BI Embedded and the REST API as a Power Platform developer. In addition, I will show you how to start using the embedded services cost-effectively and on demand.

Power BI REST API provides broad capabilities that will help you extend your Power Platform solutions. You can, for example, use it to mass-generate PDF files out of your reports. We will also explore how easily it can be used with Power Automate.

I will share with you what difficulties I have faced and the lessons I have learned along the way. We will discuss how to access the different elements of Power BI reports with the service, as well as the various licensing options, considerations, and limitations that you should be aware of when working with Power BI Embedded.

This session requires basic understanding of Power BI. It is designed for anyone who would like to take the next step from building standard reports with Power BI to effectively utilizing it as a part of Power Platform solution development.

Azure Essentials for Power Platform Developers

It is quite common to use the technology stack on Microsoft Azure while building Power Platform solutions. Azure is a natural place to look first when you feel that Power Platform features are just not the right fit for the problem at hand.

In this session, I will walk you through all that you need to understand about Microsoft Azure as a Power Platform developer. This session is aimed for anyone who would like to start exploring Azure and start utilizing some of the tools available as a part of their Power Platform solution architecture.

We will begin with a summary of Azure services and features, followed by a walkthrough of setting up the Azure subscription, resource groups, and security settings. We will look at common Azure storage options that can be used with Power Platform (e.g. Blob storage, Table storage, Azure SQL etc.). Moreover, an introduction to Logic Apps and Azure Functions will be given with an example on how to write your first Azure function and how to trigger it from Logic Apps.

All this in an easy to comprehend, not too techy format, spiced with real-life use cases and explanations of why I have decided to go to Azure resources instead of trying to build everything with the Power Platform toolset.

How to Build Solutions on Microsoft Teams?

There are many ways to extend Microsoft Teams’ functionality, from simply adding Tabs to channels, all the way to developing your own custom apps and bots, and much-much more in-between. Let me give you an outlook on why you should consider Microsoft Teams a part of your solution architecture.

In this session, I will go through the various extension points available in Teams together with a thorough comparison of suitable use cases for each. Topics include Adaptive Cards, Task modules, Webhooks, Connectors, Messaging extensions, Custom bots, Custom apps, Power Platform solutions, and more. I will cover best practices and how to avoid the common pitfalls.

Teams is bustling with valuable data that can be used to trigger processes. It also provides a channel for people to take action in real time, making it a powerful tool. I will also guide you through the publishing process of the Teams AppSource and give you practical tips on how to make the experience as smooth as possible.

This session is designed for anyone who would like to elevate Microsoft Teams from a simple chatting service into a centralized, multipurpose platform, encompassing many of your organization’s tools.

These insights are based on years of experience building a SaaS solution, SuperCards – a bot for Microsoft Teams that connects Dynamics 365 Sales functionalities in a simplified and convenient way, aiming to make salespersons’ life much easier.

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Lasse Teeriaho

Power Platform Advisor, co-founder, Forward Forever

Helsinki, Finland


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