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Laura Graham-Brown

Laura Graham-Brown

MVP, Power Platform Consultant and Agony Aunt

Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom


Data Platform Microsoft MVP, Power BI Developer
Over 20 year experience at being passionate about training, solving problems and loving a new challenge. Worked with a wide variety of clients both corporate and public services, enabling their citizen developers to create solutions to improve business processes.


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  • Information & Communications Technology


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Power BI and Power Apps Solutions – Better Together

Power Platform development has a well established development lifecycle using solutions to deploy an application from development, onto testing and finally into production. As Power BI developers working with Power Platform developers we are constantly being asked how Power BI fits in this model.

Finally Microsoft have released the public preview of integrating Power BI reports into solutions. This exciting development means that Power BI content can be seamlessly managed as part of your Application Lifecycle Management process across environments and tenants This session will walk through the stages, will cover the current limitations, and will include live demos.

Power Automate and Power BI doing what they do best

The Power Platform is an impressive toolset that can enable organisations to transform business processes in many different ways. They become even more transformational when they work together taking full advantage of what each tool does best.

In this session we will look at how Power Automate can give Power BI write back options. Moving onto how Power BI can deliver transformed data to Power Automate. Continuing to look at how Power Automate can help deliver reporting highlights in new ways.

Dataverse and Power BI

Power BI is part of the Power Platform family. Microsoft have the slide with all the members of the family in a row above data sources and Dataverse is there as the recommended data source for the Power Platform projects.

So what does connecting to Dataverse from Power BI look like? This session will look at the good, the and the ugly parts of connecting to Dataverse. As much as we all embrace the low-code revolution it can create some interesting data models.

I promise a demo rich session.

Introduction to Paginated Reports

Paginated reports allow for that pixel perfect report to be built that can span multiple pages, delivered via email or combined with Power Automate to be saved in a team. It is not a replacement for Power BI but a complimenting service when you need that snap shot report. Now that Premium features are more available through Premium per User licences, paginated reports are a good solution for more companies.

In this session we will start with the basics, assuming no prior knowledge and cover the following topics.

Connecting to data and creating datasets.
Creating a tabular report and adding parameters
Publishing and Subscribing to a report
Creating a template
Connecting to a Power BI dataset.
Visuals and Conditional Formatting

Recommended 60+ minutes for this session. for a taster of the session

SQLBits 2024 - General Sessions Sessionize Event

March 2024 Farnborough, United Kingdom

Nordic Summit 2023 Sessionize Event

September 2023 Copenhagen, Denmark

SQLBits 2023 - General Sessions Sessionize Event

March 2023 Newport, United Kingdom

South Coast Summit 2022 Sessionize Event

October 2022 Southampton, United Kingdom

Data Relay 2022 Sessionize Event

October 2022

Scottish Summit 2022 Sessionize Event

June 2022 Glasgow, United Kingdom

Power BI Summit 2022 Sessionize Event

March 2022

Collab Summit

November 2021 Düsseldorf, Germany

Power Platform World Tour London

Session - Power Query and Flow
In September 2018 Microsoft introduced the Power Query Online integration for Microsoft Flow. This opens up the possibility of transforming and shaping data within Flow without having to understand OData or SQL.
This session will demonstrate different ways of combining data, transforming data, and then exposing the data as a csv, html table or looping through the records to automate a process based on your data within SQL server.
Finally we will look at the costs, limitations and considerations when using this new feature and the licenses that you require to use these techniques.

August 2019 London, United Kingdom

Collab365 Flow Virtual Summit

Online summit dedicated to Microsoft Flow
Session - Task Management using Flow
This session covers accessing tasks in lots of different platforms from Planner, to Wunderlist to Project Online.
It covers the challenges of different formats, triggers and copying complete lists from one platform to another to help you manage lists.

July 2019

PowerApps Virtual Conference

In this session, we will build a Hangman game that selects a word and lets the user pick letters and for every wrong answer draws another part of the hangman. Many "learn to code" courses include programming a game to explore different techniques in a fun way. The methods included here include using collections to track activity, using galleries to display a keyboard and correctly selected letters, using SVG to draw the hangman and using a timer to make a loop to set it all up.

March 2019

SharePoint Saturday Leicester

Power BI Introduction - So just how hot was this summer?
Level: 100
Track: End-User, Business
Power BI is a great tool from Microsoft to collect, transform and visualise your data in dynamic reports. It can handle a wide variety of data formats. Weather stations across Europe collect lots of data every day of every year.

This session is designed for anyone with little or no experience in Power BI. If you would like to learn about transforming data using queries, relationships, pretty visualisations, slicers and some natural language questions then this session is for you. Come and find out just how hot this summer has been compared to previous years.

November 2018 Leicester, United Kingdom

SharePoint Saturday Cambridge UK

June 2018 Cambridge, United Kingdom

Laura Graham-Brown

MVP, Power Platform Consultant and Agony Aunt

Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom


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