It's hard being the oldest child - Power BI knows!

There is a buzz around the Power Platform products. There are lots of new toys, whizzy features and the Power Platform parties are the loudest. Power BI is the oldest child of the family and isn't always included in the excitement. It doesn't claim to be no code and some would argue if it is even low code.

This session will walk through the ways in which Power BI can get help from its younger siblings and how it can get an invite to the parties. Power Automate to automate the refreshes and trigger actions on a refresh or a button. How even the youngest child Power Pages or the troublesome middle child Power Apps can surface your reports. Lots of demos to show how get the older sibling talking to the rest of the Power Platform family.

Laura Graham-Brown

MVP, Power Platform Consultant and Agony Aunt

Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom

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