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Having Fun With A CMS (That Isn't Wordpress)

The popularity of Wordpress has changed the landscape of the world wide web, and some of that landscape is dotted with hacked websites with broken plugins and javascript bitcoin miners.

With an eye for choosing the right fit for every client, Lemon will be taking you on a flyover tour of different content management systems (CMS) and looking into how these could be used to suit the needs of a potential client. There will be options. A bunch of options. SO MANY OPTIONS. Such as...
* Drupal
* Joomla
* Concrete5
* Grav
* Kirby
* Craft
* ProcessWire
* PageKit
...and some static site generators and headless CMS.

If you're currently a Wordpress builder, this might be an interesting look at other options. If not, there's still a lot of cool CMS you could expose yourself too.

Lemon 🍋

Does things to the internet. The internet does things to him as well.

With a day job as the development lead for a mid-sized Minneapolis agency, Lemon spends his work time making websites for money and his free time making websites for no money.

He's created over a dozen gimmick sites like damn.dog, pretend.world and greatsex.tips. He also hosts a podcast that looks at some of the internet's weirder subcultures. It is not safe for your work, unless you work somewhere really cool.

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