Dynamics 365 Sales in an Hour

Ready to kickstart your journey with Dynamics 365 Sales? This power-packed session is your fast track to elevating your CRM knowledge and strategy, designed for decision makers ready to move off spreadsheets or overpriced CRMs, or Power Platform makers keen to broaden their horizons into first party apps.

We'll start by covering the essentials of Dynamics 365 Sales, where you'll learn how to navigate the core components of CRM and understand the connection between Dynamics 365 Sales and the broader suite of Microsoft 365 applications. Next we'll cover more sophisticated features that can automate and refine your sales processes, such as sales sequencing, lead routing, and Copilot for Sales. We'll show you how to personalize your CRM with custom configurations and reveal how your existing Power Platform skills can give you a head start. And, of course, we'll demystify the licensing to make it easy for you to choose the right path forward.

Lisa Crosbie

YouTuber | Microsoft MVP | Evangelist - Barhead Solutions

Melbourne, Australia


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