Lisa Crosbie

Lisa Crosbie

YouTuber | Microsoft Business Applications MVP | Evangelist at Barhead Solutions |

Lisa Crosbie is known for her expertise in low code technology, Power Platform, and Dynamics 365 and her ability to explain technology in a way that makes it easy for non technical users to understand. Adept at interpreting Microsoft's product roadmap, she provides strategic insights that empower businesses to plan effectively and extract the most value from their technological investments. She is a regular speaker at international Microsoft and community events, and runs a popular YouTube channel dedicated to Microsoft Business Applications.

Lisa has been recognised with the Microsoft Community UK Award for Best YouTube Channel, ARN Innovation Award for Technical Excellence and the ARN Women in ICT Award – Technical category. She is a four-time Microsoft Business Applications MVP and a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Why Model Driven Apps? Use Cases, Business Value, and Getting Started

Model-Driven Apps provide a quick and easy way to build customized database applications with no code. They come with a fully responsive and accessible user interface, which can be configured to your needs. They are natively connected to Microsoft 365 tools including Excel, SharePoint, Teams, and Outlook, and they are built on Microsoft Dataverse, which enables complex security and scales to handle terabytes of data.

They are an ideal replacement for the many business applications still living on Excel Spreadsheets, Access Databases, or inflexible legacy database applications with support coming to an end.

If you'd like to learn more about what model-driven apps are, when and why to use them, how they fit in with the rest of the platform, and how to get started, this session is for you.

We will explore:
- Use cases for model driven apps, including customer relationship management, onboarding processes, asset management, ideas and complaints management
- Model-driven apps vs commercial off the shelf industry solutions
- Extending your model driven app to provide external access with Power Pages
- Frontline worker and mobile scenarios using model-driven and canvas apps together
- Leveraging Microsoft 365 collaboration and productivity tools with model-driven apps
- When and why to choose a model driven app over a canvas app or a Dynamics 365 app

By the end of this session you will have a wealth of ideas about how you can use model-driven apps in your organisation to help you truly manage your data and business processes securely and at scale, and how to make a business case to get started.

Your Complete Guide to Dynamics 365 Sales & Viva Sales

What is Dynamics 365? How do I use it? Can I customize it? How does the licensing work? Which certification should I take? Is it a CRM? When would I use it instead of Power Apps?

Whether you're brand new to CRM or Dynamics 365 or want to get across the full breadth of how all the pieces of Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Viva Sales, and the latest AI-based tools come together, join this session full of live demos for the ultimate overview of Dynamics 365 Sales and Viva Sales.

We'll cover the full CRM capabilities of Dynamics 365 Sales, from the basics of Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, and Activity Management, through to the latest AI based capabilities for sales engagement, next best action suggestions, conversation intelligence, relationship analytics and predictive scoring and forecasting.

We'll take a look at how Viva Sales and bringing CRM into Teams and Outlook is changing the way we think about and work with CRM, and what sales automation and ChatGPT mean for the future of sales.

You'll also learn about the tools available to configure Dynamics 365 Sales to make it work for your business, and how you can extend your sales process automation and experience with the rest of the Power Platform.

To wrap up, Lisa will take you through a simplified way to understand the licensing model, and guidance on how to get started and how to get certified.

Power Apps Model-Driven Apps: Beginner Maker Skills

This session is an introduction to how to make Power Apps model-driven apps for complete beginners. We will cover use cases for model-driven apps (when and why to use them), creating data tables, columns, and relationships in Dataverse, creating views and forms, and pulling it all together with a sitemap into your first model-driven app.

Lisa is known for her popular YouTube tutorials on model-driven apps, with a clear style and ability to break down these concepts in a way that makes it easy and fun for beginners. Join her for this session to get across all the fundamentals you need to get started as a model-driven apps maker.

Mastering Model-Driven Power Apps: From Beginner to App Maker

In this brand-new workshop, running for the first time at Microsoft Power Platform Conference 2023, you will learn everything you need to know to build and use model-driven Power Apps. The day will be made up of a combination of demonstration-led sessions, hands-on lab exercises, and Q&A sessions, and all materials will be provided for you to take home to continue your learning.

We will start with an introduction to model-driven Power Apps, understanding use cases, gathering requirements, and building a data model in Microsoft Dataverse. From there we will create the user interface for your app, building forms, views, and a custom welcome page.

We will explore how you can bring your SharePoint data into your model-driven apps by using virtual tables and document management integration, as well as how to leverage other parts of the Microsoft 365 stack to make your model-driven app a collaborative tool.

We will then explore how to use your app to automate your business processes, guiding users through required tasks, enforcing data validation, and triggering automated notifications and actions.

Finally, we will explore how security roles can be used to protect your data and provide the right access to different users of your app.

Lisa is known for her popular YouTube tutorials on model-driven Power Apps and has an enthusiastic and clear style that makes her workshops fun and accessible for beginners. She will be joined by members of the Microsoft Power Apps product team, who will be available to answer questions and guide you through the materials.

This workshop is entirely low-code/no-code - you will build all these components using a drag and drop interface, with some use of basic Power Fx formulas. No prior experience or knowledge of Power Apps or Microsoft Dataverse is needed, it will all be covered during the course of the day, to take you from beginner to app maker.

Manage your Application Lifecycle with Solutions and Environments

Power Platform provides core capabilities for application lifecycle management through solutions. This session will cover the fundamental concepts of environments, publishers, solutions, and how to work with them. If you're looking to work with Power Platform at scale in your organisation, or going beyond personal productivity applications into more business critical use cases, this session is for you.

You will learn about the difference between managed and unmanaged solutions and when to use each, solution components and dependencies, solution layers, patches, and exporting and importing solutions from one environment to another.

Level Up Your Model-Driven Power Apps: Beyond the Basics

You've created the foundation of your business application with model-driven power apps, creating your data model in Microsoft Dataverse, with forms and views over your data, but what's next? In this power-packed session, Lisa will reveal some hidden gems of model-driven apps that you can use to get creative, connect to other systems, drive business processes, and enhance your applications.

You'll learn how to:
• Incorporate your existing SharePoint or SQL data with virtual tables
• Create amazing user experiences with Custom Pages
• Automate processes from your app at the touch of a button

By the end of this highly practical session full of live demonstrations, you'll leave feeling empowered with the skills you need to level up your model-driven app development.

Create Custom Pages in Model-Driven Apps

Custom pages in model-driven apps give you the flexibility to create full pages, dialogs, or side panels for your app, which you can design exactly as you want, using the Power Fx formula language and connectors you use to build Canvas Apps.

In this session you will learn how to build custom pages for model-driven apps. We will cover the difference between canvas apps and custom pages, and the increasing importance of having skills in both model-driven and canvas apps as an app maker. You will learn about responsive design, core components and formulas, and strategies for growing your skills in this area. We will also explore use cases and ideas for using custom pages, including using connectors to the Microsoft 365 applications such as Teams, To Do, Planner, and more.

Power Platform Conference (Community Content)

September 2022 Orlando, Florida, United States

Teams Nation 2022

March 2022

Power Platform 24

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Lisa Crosbie

YouTuber | Microsoft Business Applications MVP | Evangelist at Barhead Solutions |