Level Up Your Model-Driven Power Apps: Beyond the Basics

You've created the foundation of your business application with model-driven power apps, creating your data model in Microsoft Dataverse, with forms and views over your data, but what's next? In this power-packed session, Lisa will reveal some hidden gems of model-driven apps that you can use to get creative, connect to other systems, drive business processes, and enhance your applications.

You'll learn how to:
• Incorporate your existing SharePoint or SQL data with virtual tables
• Create amazing user experiences with Custom Pages
• Automate processes from your app at the touch of a button

By the end of this highly practical session full of live demonstrations, you'll leave feeling empowered with the skills you need to level up your model-driven app development.

Lisa Crosbie

YouTuber | Microsoft MVP | Evangelist - Barhead Solutions

Melbourne, Australia


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