Why Model Driven Apps? Use Cases, Business Value, and Getting Started

Model-Driven Apps provide a quick and easy way to build customized database applications with no code. They come with a fully responsive and accessible user interface, which can be configured to your needs. They are natively connected to Microsoft 365 tools including Excel, SharePoint, Teams, and Outlook, and they are built on Microsoft Dataverse, which enables complex security and scales to handle terabytes of data.

They are an ideal replacement for the many business applications still living on Excel Spreadsheets, Access Databases, or inflexible legacy database applications with support coming to an end.

If you'd like to learn more about what model-driven apps are, when and why to use them, how they fit in with the rest of the platform, and how to get started, this session is for you.

We will explore:
- Use cases for model driven apps, including customer relationship management, onboarding processes, asset management, ideas and complaints management
- Model-driven apps vs commercial off the shelf industry solutions
- Extending your model driven app to provide external access with Power Pages
- Frontline worker and mobile scenarios using model-driven and canvas apps together
- Leveraging Microsoft 365 collaboration and productivity tools with model-driven apps
- When and why to choose a model driven app over a canvas app or a Dynamics 365 app

By the end of this session you will have a wealth of ideas about how you can use model-driven apps in your organisation to help you truly manage your data and business processes securely and at scale, and how to make a business case to get started.

Lisa Crosbie

YouTuber | Microsoft MVP | Evangelist - Barhead Solutions

Melbourne, Australia


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