Maik van der Gaag

Information & Communications Technology

Azure Azure DevOps Development Solution Architecture .net .net core Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) DevOps Power BI

Vlaardingen, Netherlands

Evolving PowerShell scripts into Azure Pipeline extensions

With PowerShell a lot of actions can be performed, making API calls, uploading Power BI dashboards, performing actions on Azure and much more. During this session we will start with a custom PowerShell script that will evolve into an Azure Pipelines extension that you can reuse and maybe publish in the Azure DevOps marketplace.

- Language: English and Dutch
-Technologies: Azure DevOps, Azure Pipelines and PowerShell

Maik van der Gaag

Senior Consultant | Solution Architect | Trainer | MCT

Maik van der Gaag works as a Senior Consultant, Solution Architect and Trainer (MCT) at 3fifty. Maik is a trusted advisor for organization and gives advises on Architecture, Solution Architecture and on the way they Work.

During his day to day work Maik loves to solve complex problems and think about good solutions. In his spare time, he also blogs about things he encounters in during his day to day work.

You can find Maik on Twitter @maikvandergaag and on his blog

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