1 day Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Journeys

People from any technology background and any experience, interested in adding the marketing tool Customer Insights - Journeys to their portfolio.

Attendees will understand what CI-J is and what functionalities you have in the system. You'll learn more about the changes that are happening in the system and how they will affect you and your company. They’ll also see how this marketing automation tool separates from the other marketing tools on the market.

In CI-J you need to do the initial setup for the system to work as intended, you also need to think about GDPR. How should you do this initial setup and what are some of the settings you need to be aware of.
To know who your customers are and whom you’re going to focus your marketing on you need to create segments. We'll see how that’s done and what you need to consider while building your segments.
Every marketing automation tool needs a good email editor, how does the one in CI-J work and what are some of the things you need to be aware of when working with e-mail and the editor.
Journeys is where you organize all your efforts, which emails you want to send out, to whom and when. This is the tool that binds all your previous efforts together. One of the modules where CI-J separates the most from other marketing tools is the event module. We’re going to go through some of what makes this module so special.

Modul 1: Initial setup
Modul 2: Segments
Modul 3: Forms and pages
Modul 4: Email
Modul 5: Journeys
Modul 6: Event

Malin Martnes

MVP - MaCoTra AS

Oslo, Norway


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