Marco Massarotto

Information & Communications Technology

Business & Management

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Mindfulness-Agile Sinergy: more awareness, more agility

To gain Business Agility, organisational development (Agile) and consciousness grow (leadership) should better walk hand in hand. Biz-Tech and People departments can collaborate, instead than conflicting.

In fact, observing closer, it emerges that "agile asks for more consciousness" as well as "consciousness asks for agility".

So, we propose the Mindfulness-Agile synergy for Business Agility. This is a more integral approximation to change, with respect to the attempts to gain Business Agility based on just adopting agility or just reinventing leadership. We present the original conceptual model in a visual way.

Marco Massarotto

Agile Coach CSP-SM | Mindfulness trainer | Ph.D. Engineer

Passionate for PERSONAL & ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Committed to the CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, applying both technical expertise and human values. « Good Kaizen starts right within oneself! »

10+ years with Agile, especially Scrum. As an Agile Coach, I join with organizations/teams willing to improve both results and happiness. I provide support for transitioning to better ways of “getting things done”, using organizational intelligence as a competitive advantage. My day-to-day includes training, mentoring, consulting and coaching both teams and executives, with a tailored approach.

As a Chief Operating Officer (COO, Improvement Champion), I led the agile transformation of a 68 people company by a Spotify-like framework. I also have formerly been: Product Owner, Scrum Master, Project Manager and Web Developer.

With a background as Ph.D. Engineer, I am certified as CSP-SM, PSM II and PSPO I. I have also been trained as Co-Active Coach, Mindfulness instructor and in Management 3.0.

I actively work on my own personal development by the support of the P.R.H. (Personality and Human Relationships) school.

From Brescia (Italy).

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