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Antwerpen, Flanders, Belgium

Employee offboarding - organizational and technical considerations

A lot has been written and said on getting new users into your company, but what if they (need to) leave? How do you make sure that their knowledge stays in the organization? What actions do you need to take to make sure they don't run off with your data?

In this session, Corinna and Marijn will depart ways.
They will take you on a journey on all the considerations and action items you need to take to gracefully onboard employees.

You will learn
- The necessary steps to stop users from logging in, retain data, and keep processes running
Best practices to offboard people from an organizational perspective

Marijn Somers

MVP, Owner @mijn365coach, Podcast hero #Office365Distilled

Marijn is an Office365 specialist and Microsoft MVP who has over 12 years experience implementing the full value of information worker solutions in any organization, large and small. He loves to share his experiences as a speaker on international events and blogger.

In 2016 he launched “Mijn 365 Coach”, a portfolio of video products helping end users onboard with and on top of the quick moving world of Office 365. He does consultancy via Balestra and has a podcast called #Office365Distilled

Speaker for +8 years at various events. Microsoft MVP (2019-2020)

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