The hidden reality of software economics: Demystifying TCO

In this talk, "The Hidden Reality of Software Economics: Demystifying TCO," we delve into the complexities of Total Cost of Ownership in software development. The session is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the various cost factors beyond initial development, including maintenance, compliance, security, and decommissioning.

- Explore the full range of software development costs.
- Question common assumptions about software solutions and architectures.
- Highlight often overlooked aspects of software economics.
- Discuss the balance between cost reduction and maintaining quality.

Session Overview:
- Analyze real-world examples to understand TCO dynamics.
- Offer insights into effective cost management strategies.
- Facilitate discussions on the intricacies of software project costing.
- This session is aimed at professionals in software architecture and project management, focusing on an informed approach to managing software project costs.

Martin Chaov

Lead Software Architect @ DraftKings

Sofia, Bulgaria

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