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Columbus, Ohio, United States

Empowering your Data Science Experiments with Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning Studio has something for all experience levels of data scientist. In this talk we'll explore what Azure Machine Learning Studio is and how it can help novice, intermediate, and advanced data scientists empower their data science experiments.

We'll start by exploring Automated ML and how it helps data scientists focus on the task they're trying to accomplish while Azure discovers the optimal algorithms and hyperparameters for their experiments - without requiring any code on their part.

Next, we'll explore the Machine Learning Studio designer and how it supports more advanced no-code or low-code approaches to build repeatable machine learning pipelines.

After that we'll discuss the Azure ML Python SDK and how it allows advanced users to customize their experiments, use their own compute resources, and fine-tune and automate the tasks they're trying to accomplish.

By the end of this talk you'll see how Azure Machine Learning Studio reduces barriers to entry and propels experiments further by helping novice, intermediate, and advanced data scientists train, evaluate, manage, and deploy their machine learning models and related datasets.

Matt Eland

Instructor at Tech Elevator

After several decades as a software engineer and engineering manager, Matt now serves as a software engineering instructor at Tech Elevator where he gets to raise up future developers and unleash them upon the world to build awesome things.

Matt is an Azure Data Scientist Associate, a current organizer for the Central Ohio .NET Developer Group, runs a data science blog and YouTube channel, and is currently pursuing a master's degree in data analytics.

In his copious amounts of spare time, Matt continues to build nerdy things and looks for ways to share them with the community.

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