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Columbus, Ohio, United States

Visualizing Code

What happens if we combine the fields of software architecture and data visualization? In this talk, we'll explore what the code and work item management systems we work with every day can tell us about the evolving nature of software and how we communicate it.

This talk will highlight a variety of ways to visualize codebases ranging from highly experimental perspectives to more practical and polished ways of looking at codebases.

We'll follow a data analysis workflow of seeing what data we can pull out of our systems and exploring what insights that data can tell us. We'll talk a bit more about some of the specific concerns you might have in data cleaning that relate specifically to code, source control, and work item management systems. We'll also include a discussion on how to share insights from code and specific concerns you may need to watch out for when doing so.

While the main point of this talk is to get you thinking differently about your code and how you communicate it, we'll close with a discussion of some tools out there that provide code visualization features.

Matt Eland

Instructor at Tech Elevator

Matt is committed to helping people (and their code) achieve greater things. After nearly two decades of working as a professional software engineer, Matt put away his mechanical keyboard and made teaching others his primary job in a continuing quest to invest in the community and up-and-coming developers. Matt focuses on building quality software applications using C#, F#, TypeScript, Angular, Vue.js, and plain-old JavaScript.

When he's not teaching or coding, Matt writes on software engineering at, maintains Side.Dev, builds highly unusual side projects, goes on refactoring frenzies, and enjoys learning new things to share with the community at large. Matt is currently writing The New Developer's Guide to Application Architecture and Scalability. (blog) (company) (Online Portfolio)

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