How to switch from Digital Transformation to Hyper Digital Transformation with Power Platform

Process automation increases business efficiency, which helps maintain business competitiveness and generates savings. For this purpose, it uses the achievements of technological progress: AI, No Code, Low Code, RPA. However, well-known methodologies are not adapted to the pace allowed by these platforms. Hyper-agile management is becoming a specialization in SME, where the goal is to achieve greater efficiency while maintaining monitoring, predictability and, consequently, greater digital security and regulatory compliance. Increasingly, it is business analysts, PMs and Scrum Masters who deal with digital transformation side by side with Citizen Developers. The so-called Fusion Teams, Hyper Sprints are being carried out to identify business benefits and plans are being made to support Citizen Development in the organization. In this session, I will share with you the methodology to tame this chaos of innovation, explain concepts, structure the process and become a leader of HYPER Digital Transformation, I will share many years of experience in working with IT departments, including: Budimex. After this session, you will look at activities focused on process optimization differently. You will learn the levels of maturity and learn how to arrange the achievements of business analysis (including the RACI matrix, Deming cycle), IT (including No Code, AI, RPA) into a process that takes into account new roles (including Citizen Developers) . The goal is to achieve measurable success with Hyper Digital Transformation. And you will gain knowledge that will give you an advantage for years to come.

Michael Guzowski

Tech Entrepreneur, Generalist, Do'er || IT Expert (Low-Code, No-Code) || Academic Lecturer || Combine business and ideas with people

Warsaw, Poland


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