How will No Code help you win the race for the digital transformation of your company?

According to a 2021 study, companies spend $1.3 billion on digital transformation to improve performance every year as digital leaders outperform their competitors in almost every industry. Unfortunately, however, projects of this type are also characterized by a high failure rate of up to 90%, which results in an adverse impact on companies' operations and willingness to further innovation. Despite this, according to another report, 73% of business leaders still consider digital transformation to be crucial. So, is there a year-long queue to wait for IT processing capacity? Fortunately, there are other options. One of them is the use of No-Code and Low-Code platforms for digital transformation, i.e. the launch of the so-called Hyper Digital Transformation [HDT]. HDT and the evolving role of Citizen Developers are becoming more common and appear to be crucial to survival and development in a rapidly changing business and technological environment. I will show how mature companies identify and use the potential behind the changes brought by HDT. I will share inspiring examples, including: 300% ROI in a year after just 5 days of work. I will also mention situations in which the implementation of solutions through No Code and Low Code was not successful, and I will suggest what to do and what not to do so that the transformation brings the intended effect. We will consider together whether these tools are just "toys" for business or whether they can actually be key elements in building agile, secure and scalable digital solutions.

Michael Guzowski

Tech Entrepreneur, Generalist, Do'er || IT Expert (Low-Code, No-Code) || Academic Lecturer || Combine business and ideas with people

Warsaw, Poland


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