Cypress: An Intro To The Best Web Testing Framework For The Worst Type Of Testing

E2E testing is by far the most expensive, slow and obnoxious type of testing developers can automate. As a dev, it is very likely you have by now thrown up in your mouth a little bit, just thinking about it. However, targeted, well thought through and well written e2e tests can also form the basis of a highly valuable test suite that can ease anxiety while writing new features. How do we get over our nauseated feelings and commit to immediately improving the quality of our application by providing more checks?

Do what devs have done for a long time. Switch to new and improved tooling for an old problem.

In this session attendees will learn the basics of the best web testing tool for the worst type of testing. We will be introduced to the Cypress web testing framework, and how to write our first basic test. Attendees will leave the session with a better understanding of what e2e testing is, when to use it and how to code their first cypress test. All without throwing up.

Maciej Konkolowicz

Quality Champion From Rocket Mortgage in Detroit Baby!

Detroit, Michigan, United States

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