Sorry Cypress: The Best Test Execution Environment For The Worst Type Of Testing

So you've written some Cypress based E2E tests, and are now ready to make them go prime time. Yes, they "work on your machine", but what next? How do you ensure your work is going to stand the test of time and provide value to your team, without you being on the hook for keeping your machine on in perpetuity?

You pick a reliable, scalable, secure test execution environment.

In this session attendees will learn the basics of the best open source test execution tool for the worst type of testing. They will be introduced to the Sorry-Cypress test execution framework, and will setup an environment to execute tests. Attendees will leave the session with a playbook and documentation of how to repeat this setup for a local setup on their computer, in the cloud (AWS) and on a Kubernetes cluster.

Come learn how to setup an environment that makes running long, complicated but valuable Cypress tests, fast and scalable.

Maciej Konkolowicz

Quality Champion From Rocket Mortgage in Detroit Baby!

Detroit, Michigan, United States

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