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Story Points and Velocity are a sign of an immature team.

So many teams start with and stick to using Story Points and Velocity as a measure of progress and capacity. This created a false sense of security and the belief in predictability and is a sign of an immature team. Once we accept that this we can move forward to understand what metrics a professional development team should have and how they should use them.

Come and learn the metrics of a professional development team.

Martin Hinshelwood

Enabling a continuous flow of value with a union of processes, practices, and tools. We have deep expertise in Visual Studio, Azure DevOps, DevOps, Scrum, & Kanban

Martin Hinshelwood is a Professional Scrum Trainer, Microsoft MVP: Development Technologies & DevOps, and has been Consulting, Coaching, and Training in DevOps & Agility with Visual Studio, Azure, Azure DevOps, and Scrum since 2010 and has been delivering software since 2000.
Martin is available for private consulting and training worldwide and has many public classes across the globe.

Martin speaks at conferences around the world from Africa to Norway, and the USA to Azerbaijan.

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