Paul Andrew

Information & Communications Technology

Azure Data Platform

Derby, England, United Kingdom

Creating a Metadata Driven Orchestration Framework Using Azure Data Integration Pipelines

Azure Data Factory and Synapse Integration Pipeline are the undisputed PaaS resources within the Microsoft Cloud for orchestrating data workloads. With a 100+ Linked Service connections, a flexible array of both control flow and data flow Activities there isn't much these pipelines can’t do as a wrapper over our data platform solutions. That said, the service may still require the support of other Azure resources for the purposes of logging, monitoring, compute and storage. In this session we’ll will focus on exactly that point and explore the problem faced when structuring many integration pipelines in a highly scaled architecture.
Once coupled with other resources, we’ll look at one possible solution to this problem of pipeline organisation to create a dynamic, flexible, metadata driven processing framework that complements our existing solution pipelines. Furthermore, we will explore how to bootstrap multiple orchestrators (across tenants if needed), design for cost with nearly free Consumption Plans and deliver an operational abstraction over all our processing pipelines.
Finally, we'll explore delivering this framework within an enterprise and consider an architect’s perspective on a wider platform of ingestion/transformation workloads with multiple batches and execution stages.

Paul Andrew

Data Platform MVP, Avanade Centre of Excellence Technical Architect specialising in data platform solutions built on Microsoft Azure.

Avanade Centre of Excellence (CoE) Technical Architect specialising in data platform solutions built on Microsoft Azure.
Data engineering competencies include Azure Synapse Analytics, Data Factory, Data Lake, Databricks, Stream Analytics, Event Hub, IoT Hub, Functions, Automation, Logic Apps and of course the complete SQL Server business intelligence stack.
15+ years’ experience working within healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and gaming verticals delivering analytics through the definition of industry leading design patterns and technical architectures.
STEM ambassador and very active member of the data platform community delivering training and technical sessions at conferences both nationally and internationally.
Father, husband, swimmer, cyclist, runner, blood donor, geek, Lego and Star Wars fan!

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