Implementing Azure Data Integration Pipelines in Production

Within a typical Azure data platform solution for any enterprise grade data analytics or data science workload an umbrella resource is needed to trigger, monitor, and handle the control flow for transforming datasets. Those requirements are met by deploying Azure Data Integration pipelines, delivered using Synapse Analytics or Data Factory. In this session I'll show you how to create rich dynamic data pipelines and apply these orchestration resources in production. Using scaled architecture design patterns, best practice and the latest metadata driven frameworks. In this session we will take a deeper dive into the service, considering how to build custom activities, dynamic pipelines and think about hierarchical design patterns for enterprise grade deployments. All this and more in a series of short stories (based on real world experience) I will take you through how to implement data integration pipelines in production.

Paul Andrew

Co-Founder & CTO of Cloud Formations | Microsoft MVP

Derby, United Kingdom


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