Coding for joy, hands-on

The authors of the Agile Manifesto forgot to tell us something... probably because it was so obvious to them: to be agile, it is crucial that your code is easy to change.

Changing code easily and safely is only possible if you can quickly read and understand its purpose and intention. Writing such code turns out to be a lot harder than you might think. This hands-on will let you experience first-hand how to write clean code. This is the stuff that you don't learn from a book. Whether you are a junior or senior, be prepared to change the way you think about coding. Every time we have given this workshop, even the most experienced senior developers indicate that this way of working has had a massive positive impact on how they write code.

Nico Krijnen

Tech Lead, bridging strategy, technology & organization | Speaker on DDD, Code Quality, DevOps | Team Shaper | Cloud Solution Architect at Luminis

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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