Coding for joy, make your codebase a nice place to be!

The authors of the Agile Manifesto forgot to tell us something... probably because it was so obvious to them: to be agile, it is crucial that your code is easy to change.

Changing code easily and safely is only possible if you can quickly read and understand its purpose and intention. That is exactly what clean code is all about, a whole host of techniques that help you write code that is easy to modify. The result? More agility. Speed and high-quality code go hand-in-hand! Research from recent years (State of DevOps, Accelerate) confirms this and also shows that code maintainability contributes to software delivery performance and even has an influence on reducing the chance of burnout. Quite logical when you think about it, after all, isn't it a joy when you read code and instantly understand it? And how do you feel after you have spent hours or days to unravel a piece of nasty and entangled code?

This talk will get you up-to-speed on the latest insights about clean code and software craftsmanship, like why CUPID might give you better results than SOLID. We'll also dive into why we as developers need to take responsibility for our code and how you can work together with your business to get that legacy codebase into shape and keep it that way.

Nico Krijnen

Tech Lead, bridging strategy, technology & organization | Speaker on DDD, Code Quality, DevOps | Team Shaper | Cloud Solution Architect at Luminis

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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