Enhancing User Experience with Embedded Power BI Content

The Embedding Power BI Content session is a comprehensive guide on how to embed Power BI dashboards and reports into other applications.

This session covers the different methods of embedding Power BI content, including using the Power BI JavaScript API, Power BI Embedded, and Power BI Publish to Web. Attendees will learn how to customize the embedded content's appearance and configure access and security for the embedded content.

Moreover, the session covers different scenarios where Power BI content embedding can be used, including customer-facing applications, operational reporting, and business intelligence solutions. Attendees can learn how to use Power BI content embedding to improve decision-making processes, drive business growth, and create a better user experience.

Overall, the Enhancing User Experience with Embedded Power BI Content session is an excellent opportunity for developers, data analysts, and business intelligence professionals to learn how to integrate Power BI content into their applications. Attendees can gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of using Power BI content embedding and how to implement it effectively to create powerful data analytics solutions.

Odeta JankaitienÄ—

Data & Analytics Consultant at Macaw

Vilnius, Lithuania


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