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Odeta Jankaitienė

Odeta Jankaitienė

Data & Analytics Consultant at Macaw

Vilnius, Lithuania


All my career, I've been working in the data field. Initially, I started my data journey with Excel and later transitioned to Tableau and, after a few years, to Power BI, which I've used almost since its creation.
But that's not all — I've also been sharing my data love with others, teaching them how to use these awesome tools during trainings and conferences. While doing this, I was accepted into the Microsoft MVP program (year 2024).
I'm super passionate about data, and nothing makes me happier than passing on my knowledge to kindred spirits so that they can rock the data world, too!


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Analytics and Big Data
  • Microsoft Data Platform
  • Power Query

Enhancing User Experience with Embedded Power BI Content

The Embedding Power BI Content session is a comprehensive guide on how to embed Power BI dashboards and reports into other applications.

This session covers the different methods of embedding Power BI content, including using the Power BI JavaScript API, Power BI Embedded, and Power BI Publish to Web. Attendees will learn how to customize the embedded content's appearance and configure access and security for the embedded content.

Moreover, the session covers different scenarios where Power BI content embedding can be used, including customer-facing applications, operational reporting, and business intelligence solutions. Attendees can learn how to use Power BI content embedding to improve decision-making processes, drive business growth, and create a better user experience.

Overall, the Enhancing User Experience with Embedded Power BI Content session is an excellent opportunity for developers, data analysts, and business intelligence professionals to learn how to integrate Power BI content into their applications. Attendees can gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of using Power BI content embedding and how to implement it effectively to create powerful data analytics solutions.

Unleashing the Potential of Power BI: A Hands-On Introduction

Power BI is a powerful tool that allows users to gain valuable insights from their data. It has many features, and you could be frightened and lost before using it.

In this session, I will show you the easiest way how to create a report in 1 hour and will cover Power BI's key features and capabilities, including:
- where to get data?
- how to transform that data for Power BI?
- how to import it?
- how to create some calculations?
- how to visualize it most understandably?
- how to publish and share your report?

By the end of this session, attendees will have a solid understanding of what Power BI is and how to start their journey of gaining valuable insights from their data.

Making Your Life Easier with Power BI Rest API

Do you struggle with your daily tasks as a Power BI Administrator? For example, you may need to unassign Premium Capacity for 100 workspaces. You may also be a developer tired of repetitive tasks like creating workspaces in Power BI Service. Or perhaps you would like to set up a Power BI report refresh without the specific user account. If you have one "yes," this session is for you.

You don't need any prior knowledge about Power BI REST APIs because I will show you a step-by-step guide on automating boring tasks from scratch or getting useful information about your tenant that you otherwise cannot get or takes a lot of time.

After this session, you will know how to make your life easier with the help of the Power BI Rest APIs. For admins, it will free up extra time to govern their environment securely, and for developers, it will allow them to dedicate more time to report creation.

From Development to Production: The Benefits of Power BI Deployment Pipelines

In this session, Odeta will present the creation and usage of Power BI deployment pipelines for the seamless transition of Power BI solutions from development to production environments. Attendees will learn how deployment pipelines help to streamline and automate the deployment process, reduce errors, and improve collaboration between developers and end users. Odeta will also provide real-world examples of how organizations have leveraged Power BI deployment pipelines to accelerate business intelligence initiatives, increase agility, and improve overall operational efficiency. By the end of the presentation, attendees will have a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of Power BI deployment pipelines and how to implement them within their organizations.

Unlock the Power of Power BI with the Design

Unlock the Power of Power BI with the Design! Learn how to elevate your reports from bland to captivating by mastering the art of colour, backgrounds and layout. Say goodbye to bland and confusing reports and hello to cohesive, easy-to-understand visuals that will impress your colleagues and stakeholders.

In this session, discover the essential design principles and techniques to make your data tell a compelling story. Join me and take the first step towards creating truly impactful Power BI reports!

Successfully collaborate with externals in Power BI

Do you know where to start if you want to share Power BI artefacts like reports, dashboards or even datasets with external people not from your company? Or maybe even want to setup B2B collaboration by sharing datasets and co-author solutions?

During this session, Odeta and Marc will cover all things sharing, tenant settings, the new cross-tenant dataset sharing feature and further B2B collaboration with Power BI. We will help you to get started with what questions you need to answer before starting and how to set it up so that everything works.

We will tell you all about it and make sure you will be well equipped after this session to get your external collaboration started. Also, we will provide you with a decision tree which will help you even after this session to know what approach to use.

How to Get Noticed for Power BI Job Interview?

Are you planning to apply for a data analyst job where you need to use Power BI but don't have any or minimal experience? Let me help you!
In this session, I will show you one trick on how to stand out even without experience. The trick is simple, create your CV with Power BI! It is a simple but effective way to show that you can create a Power BI report, and your CV will look different than others so that it will catch the eye.

Double Power: Power BI and Power Apps Integration

Power BI is a great interactive reporting tool, and Power Apps is a great business application development tool. Separately, they are great, but they are amazing if you use them both. Power Apps can enrich Power BI with the only thing Power BI is missing, the possibility of writing data into data sources. Vice versa, Power BI reports in Power Apps enable business users to turn data into insights inside the app. This is why we will show how to do that in this session.

There will be a practical session with many demos on how to use them together. So, after it, you will be well equipped to do it yourself and take advantage of this integration.

From Chaos to Control: How to Govern Your Power BI Environment

In this session, we will explore how to turn a chaotic Power BI environment into a well-governed and controlled one. We will cover key topics such as
- the level of self-service,
- admin portal,
- gateway management,
- security,
- licensing, and
- automation of manual work.

You will learn how to strike the right balance between enabling users to create and share reports while maintaining a secure and organized Power BI environment. We will discuss configuring and managing the admin portal according to your wanted self-service level and data maturity.

You will leave this session with your Power BI governance vision in your organization.

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February 2024 Munich, Germany

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SQLBits 2023 - General Sessions Sessionize Event

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Cloud Technology Townhall Tallinn 2023 Sessionize Event

February 2023 Tallinn, Estonia

Power BI Portugal 2023 S1 Sessions User group Sessionize Event

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Microsoft Data Platform Group - Birmingham User group Sessionize Event

February 2022

Odeta Jankaitienė

Data & Analytics Consultant at Macaw

Vilnius, Lithuania


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