Successfully collaborate with externals in Power BI

Do you know where to start if you want to share Power BI artefacts like reports, dashboards or even datasets with external people not from your company? Or maybe even want to setup B2B collaboration by sharing datasets and co-author solutions?

During this session, Odeta and Marc will cover all things sharing, tenant settings, the new cross-tenant dataset sharing feature and further B2B collaboration with Power BI. We will help you to get started with what questions you need to answer before starting and how to set it up so that everything works.

We will tell you all about it and make sure you will be well equipped after this session to get your external collaboration started. Also, we will provide you with a decision tree which will help you even after this session to know what approach to use.

Odeta JankaitienÄ—

Data & Analytics Consultant at Macaw

Vilnius, Lithuania


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