Petter Arnesen

Information & Communications Technology

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Oslo, Norway

The jungle of Azure Virtual Desktop scenarios/setups

Azure Virtual Desktop can be set up in a multitude of ways. From the simplest "just a desktop in the cloud" scenarios to the more locked down variants where you stream apps and block screen captures, use FSLogix and so on.
Let's look at setting up the simplest scenarios and how you can use Azure Virtual Desktop in the more advanced ways.

Petter Arnesen

Automation dude, techie, senior consultant

Petter is a senior consultant at Aztek and mainly works with Azure and Microsoft 365. He has a strong passion for automation and prefers a well written PowerShell script over any manual task.

After being in the IT industry for over 15 years he has worked with most Microsoft technologies, in addition to technologies from VMware, Cisco, Fortinet, HPE, Veeam and others.
Having experience from both server operatings system and software, networking, storage and server hardware means he can see the broader picture in most cases.

Microsoft products has always been what is closest to his heart, ever since his first certification back in 2007. He loves to keep himself up to date and trying out new technologies.

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