Next-level Kubernetes Networking with Cilium

Philip and Nico will talk about how to get the most out of Kubernetes networking with Cilium. Cilium is widely known for bringing networking and security to Kubernetes. But the eBPF-based open-source project offers much more!

After covering the Cilium basics both will explain advanced features like multi-cluster networking with Cluster Mesh, Cilium's own Service Mesh implementation with Ingress support, and the future of Kubernetes Ingress Routing: Gateway API.

Furthermore, Philip and Nico will provide real-world examples of how you can optimize your network, service, and security observability by leveraging Hubble, Cilium's own networking and security observability platform.

So don't miss this session to learn how you can lift your Kubernetes networking to the next level with Cilium.

Philip Welz

Senior Kubernetes & DevOps Engineer @ white duck

Berlin, Germany

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