Journey into Generative AI, Building Your Own AI Copilot

Step into the world of Generative AI with our beginner-friendly session. We'll share how we built our AI Copilot for financial and HR tasks, showcasing the fundamentals of choosing and implementing OpenAI's GPT-4 on Microsoft Azure. From model selection to application development using semantic-kernel, Visual Studio, and VS Code, our journey will provide invaluable insights for GAI developers and newcomers. Join us and turn your curiosity into action as we explore the fascinating real world of the AI copilot project!

We are deploying a private version of ChatGPT for a local hospital. We can demo the process and discuss decisions. We can demo our real development environment.

Paul Swider

Pioneer in global clinical informatics and health technology, code, blockchain, cloud, international speaker, philanthropy, and adventure travel!

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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