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Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Paul Swider

Chief Philanthropy Officer, Health Technology, Code, Blockchain, Cloud, International Speaker, and Adventure Travel!

Paul Swider is the Founding CEO of RealActivity, a Boston-based SaaS company focused on optimizing provider experience and clinical workforce for teaching hospitals and hospital systems.

Paul is a Healthcare Industry Cloud Analyst for the Acceleration Economy and serves the Boston Healthcare Technology Meetups and Community.

Paul has passionate about family, technology, travel, and helping others. He has traveled the seven continents, over one million miles while organizing user groups, teaching at events, and presenting at events in over 50 countries to date.

Paul is an accomplished author of several developer books and, is viewed as not only an international expert in distributed cloud platforms, but an early adopter, and internationally recognized expert of decentralized code and blockchain.

Paul was first certified as a Microsoft engineer (MCSE. MCSD, MCT) in 1996 and has held enterprise certifications from Microsoft since that time. Paul was Awarded Azure MVP for 2019 and Azure most Influential in 2020.

Current sessions

Extending Dynamics 365 using VS Code and Visual Studio 2022

Dynamics 365 cloud services are designed to meet local compliance regulations, improve flow, and streamline communications while enabling organizations to build flexible CRM and ERP solutions. In this session learn about the compliance certifications and features of Dynamics 365 and see how the Dynamics platform can be extended using Visual Studio 2022.

Intelligent Intranet and Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

Microsoft Teams, Power Platform, and Azure can be used to improve patient care and the healthcare provider experience. In this session learn how intelligent intranet features and the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, can empower health organizations to deliver world-class physician services.

Microsoft 365 and Healthcare

Learn how to empower care teams to deliver the best possible care. Explore how to optimize patient outcomes by simplifying collaboration across care teams, enhancing quality of care through virtual visits, and reducing costs by streamlining fragmented workflows.

How to Run Inclusive Events – An Organizer's Top Tips

Technical community events should strive to provide a space for a diverse community which gathers organically. In this session learn tips and strategies for organizing user groups, meetups, conferences and technology events which place inclusion at the heart.

Low-Code Cloud App Development and App Modernization

Many organizations are innovating at a faster pace by building new business apps or modernizing legacy apps using low code platforms like Teams and Power Platform. In this session, learn how Teams Apps and Power Apps can work together and consume Azure developer and data services like Azure Functions, SQL Server, Cognitive Services, and more. Discover how organizations can save developers time while increasing business agility using low-code cloud solutions backed by Azure.

Transform Your Business with Teams and Power Platform

Teams, Power Apps, and Power Automate have made for an amazing trio of business-ready applications. Citizen Developers are now able to use Teams Apps and Power Apps to design line of business applications faster than ever with these “low-code” tools. Then leveraging Power Automate users can control business workflows and automate tasks. Then last but certainly not least, Power BI can be implemented for reporting and analytics. In this session, you will get a taste of what the integration of the Teams Platform and Power Platform has to offer organizations.

How to nail a Power Platform job interview in the first 5 minutes

The Power Platform and the Community have inspired many, and at the same time, many seek new gigs, new employment, or new careers. In this session, receive interview tips, learning path information, and some industry lingo to help nail your first Power Platform interviews. Learn to impress the best interviewers in the first five minutes. New job seekers, parents, students, industry experts, hobbyists, and small business owners are encouraged to join this professional development session.

I'd like to present a concise session using the four principles in this article.

I've seen many people asking about interviews and jobs with PP in online forums, social media, Reddit, etc.

I'll also include learning and preparation tips, specific to Power Platform. Thank you for the opportunity and Happy New Year!

Introducing Goals in Power BI

We know that progress is most often measured with data. In this session, learn how Goals can be an effective data-driven, collaborative, and adaptable way to measure key business metrics and goals built directly on top of Power BI. In addition, see live demos of tested best practices for creating, customizing, and deploying Goals and Scorecards.

Under the Hood: Model Driven Power Apps and CDS

Model driven apps, Common Data Model and Common Data Service are the perfect trio for building enterprise capable business apps and also provide a great user experience to Azure services. This session will provide the latest updates from the product teams and a demo driven deep dive into CDS and building enterprise model driven apps on Azure.

Go Public with Microsoft 365 and Azure Using Power Apps Portals

In this session learn how to architect and deploy external facing enterprise portal solutions using Power Apps Portals, Azure and Microsoft 365. See how organizations are creating a secure framework for customers, partners and employees to access Microsoft 365 content today. Learn patterns for extending you existing Microsoft 365 and Azure apps and data with secure portals, anonymous portals or a hybrid approach.

Advanced developer or architect audience.

Under the Hood: Power Platform and CDS Portals

The new Power Apps Portal framework offers a compelling solution to manage external access and engagement with partners, vendors, employees, and communities. In this session get the latest updates, announcements and a deep dive into the CDS portal framework. Learn how to extend the portals by integrating with and extending to Azure and Microsoft 365 services.

Indefinite Optimism: Microsoft 365, Business Apps and Azure in Healthcare

Microsoft 365, the Power platform and Azure are designed to meet local and federal compliance regulations, improve patient care, and streamline operations while also enabling health organizations to quickly build flexible solutions. In this session learn how these platforms and services are being used today to empower health organizations of all sizes.

Introduction to Azure Blockchain Services

We all are going through the boom of blockchain technology. There is a lot of information coming our way regarding the implementation and adoption of the technologies. In this session get the latest updates on Microsoft blockchain services, announcements from the blockchain team and learn how blockchain is changing the modern workplace.

Blockchain and the Modern Workplace

Many of us have heard a lot about Blockchain and there is a lot of information coming our way regarding implementation and adoption of this new technology. In this session learn some of the ways Blockchain is changing the modern workplace and see how Blockchain on Azure can be used to enable multi-party state based business process and traceability. In this session we'll do a deep dive demonstration of a real-world Dynamics solution designed to extend Dynamics 365 using Azure Blockchain as a Service. Learn how our team designed the solution using services in Office 365, Teams and Dynamics to collaborate and track the donation business process and Blockchain to capture one version of the truth for donations data shared across political and geographic boundaries.

Technology and Activism: Donation Trace-ability using Azure Blockchain

In this session get the latest updates on Microsoft blockchain services, announcements from the blockchain team and see how blockchain services on Azure can be used to enable multi-party state based business processes, trace-ability and more.

See how our team designed and deployed a multi-tenant solution using Azure, Microsoft 365, Power Apps and blockchain to collaborate, track and share donation data while maintaining one version of the truth of donation data shared across political and geographic boundaries.

Under the Hood: Azure Functions

A technically deep lap around Azure Functions. Learn how Azure Functions enables you to quickly and easily deploy application services that scale massively. Learn how to securely orchestrate and consume stateless and state based Azure Functions from Microsoft 365 and Business Apps.

What Traveling a Million Miles has Taught Me About Diversity and Inclusion

Traveling over one million miles to technology events in almost 100 countries and all seven continents has allowed me to experience, observe and learn a great deal about diversity. Join me as I share experiences, lessons learned, and a few great photos collaborating with technology communities around the world. In this session learn how you can get involved with global groups, technology events and social projects with a mission to foster and grow diversity and inclusion in science and technology.

My extensive travel experience has afforded me an opportunity experience technology cultures in unique places like Comoros, the only known matriarchal society on the planet. I want to inspire others by sharing a unique global perspective on diversity and inclusion.

5 Azure Services Every Power Platform Expert Needs to Know

Azure is a powerful platform with many amazing services, but it can also be hard to know which ones you need to know about when you're first getting started with cloud development. What can you do when you are looking to customize Dynamics and Power Platform? What data services are the most applicable to PowerApps development? How can I get started with serverless functions? In this talk we'll cover how to get started with cloud development in Azure using five common services that most PowerApps applications will benefit from using.