Rust for Mission-Critical AI: A Journey into Healthcare's Safest and Most Performant Language

Discover the powerful potential of Rust in mission-critical AI applications in this comprehensive 45-minute session tailored for newcomers. Starting with a gentle introduction to Rust, we'll guide you through its key features and benefits, highlighting how Rust can help you create more reliable and efficient IoT, data engineering, and API systems. Delve into the technical aspects that make Rust stand out, such as its memory safety guarantees, fearless concurrency, and strong static typing. Finally, we'll compare and contrast Rust with C# to reveal Rust's unique advantages to mission-critical AI projects. By the end of the session, you'll have a deeper understanding of how Rust can revolutionize your AI systems and help you build a robust and resilient infrastructure for the future.

Paul Swider

Pioneer in global clinical informatics and health technology, code, blockchain, cloud, international speaker, philanthropy, and adventure travel!

Boston, Massachusetts, United States


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