Be a Security Superhero - Telemetry in Office 365

It is all about the data. In the last 12 months we had a lot of discussions partly subjective about Telemetry/Diagonstic data in Office 365. In this session the speaker presents what happened and what an administrator can do currently to see, analyze and configure the telemetry of Office 365. Moreover it´s also important what Telemetry is, which variants we have and why there are these ones. In this connection you will learn the European legal impact for the Developer and the User of the product.

Especially you will learn the different ways to configure Office 365 Pro Plus in different deployment scenarios. In the next step we will have a deep dive into data transfer, content analysis and telemetry with Office 365 Pro Plus. Moreover, you will learn more about the changes after the working paper for the Dutch Justice Ministry in April 2019 like a new query for users, new GPOs, Registry options and how the documentation has changed. At the end you will have a compliant, secure and data privacy configuration for Office 365 Pro Plus.

Raphael Koellner

Microsoft Regional Director, MVP Office Apps and Services, Windows Insider MVP, Podcaster, Speaker

Köln, Germany

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