Empowering students with the use and the development of Mixed Reality

2 Years ago we startet to use Mixed Reality headset with students at school. We see the speed of learning with the default Apps like Galaxy Explorer or the beautiful view of Rome. Moreover they love to play Minecraft and create in their history class old Churches or the school in Minecraft.
But some of the students and teachers want more. They want to develop their own Applications. With this need we start with workshops to develop Mixed Reality games and applications with the students. It is and was an awesome experiance to see that they are so happy to see their own 3D Model alive on their desk. At least we use two HoloLens 1 to be more flexible and making great presentation with the new Applications and 3D Models on school parties and at science challenges.
It´s time to empowering your students with Mixed Reality at school!

Raphael Koellner

Microsoft Regional Director, MVP Office Apps and Services, Windows Insider MVP, Podcaster, Speaker

Köln, Germany

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