From Windows Insider to a Developer - a fantastic journey

We have two Windows user, who use Windows daily at work and at home, as a example to write letters or to play XBOX Game on their Windows 10 PC while the girlsfriend is watching TV which is connected to the XBOX. Now these guys get the Superpower to have their own project. But for this project they need developer skills.

With the possibility we have in Windows Dev and especially with dotnet core it will be easily possible to upgrade deep dive Windows Users to Windows Developer. This can be a XBOX Gamer who started to build own maps or other components now we have the chance to show them how to extend or build their own easy games.

The other Insider who is on the way to become a Developer is the System Admin who build own scripts for

Raphael Koellner

Microsoft Regional Director, MVP Office Apps and Services, Windows Insider MVP, Podcaster, Speaker

Köln, Germany


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