Avoiding IT burnout - Become Happier and More Productive - A workaholics perspective

This is a workaholics perspective to thriving without burning out. For most people, burnout is one of your gravest threats, but holding back when you’re passionate is a challenge. It’s about balance. For some that means meditating or enjoying a social or family life. Finding my path led to a number of realizations and new ideas that I now share with others.

This talk is firstly about the problem, so we all understand what the real issues are. What they mean to you, why they happen, and how to see it. Secondly it is about the things I have done to prevent the problem, why I did it, and why it worked for me.

This is an expert talk on what you should be doing for greater productivity and avoiding the burnout. Leave with new ideas, thoughts, and maybe even some advice you can help others with.

Richard Teachout

CTO - El Toro

Louisville, Kentucky, United States

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