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Understanding the Cloud, Data, Big Data, Data Processing, Data Science, and all the data things... Why it will be a NECESSITY now and for the future. How does it affect your corporate structure, your team, your products, your bills, even the direction of your career? To look forward, we need to look backward, understand the current state of the world, and begin to look forward.

All of this from the Visionary perspective of a CTO of a major tech company, who is already planning the future state many years into the future.

This talk is about understanding everything from low-code environments to big data processing. Rich is a highly motivated speaker who is extremely technical, but also speaks to the masses and helps make technology easy to understand (most of the time) :)

target audience is a wider spread audience. The only requirement is to be awake, and you will come away with some thoughts to steer the future of your business or career.

Richard Teachout

CTO - El Toro

Louisville, Kentucky, United States


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