Rick van den Bosch

Information & Communications Technology

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Eindhoven, North Brabant, Netherlands

Building a (simple) Azure IoT solution

This session shows you how to start building a (simple) Azure IoT solution. We'll do so using an IoT button (http://iot-button.eu/index_en.html) and Serverless architecture. We'll cover things like setting up the device, configuring IoT Hub, and handling the messages that come in from our device.

What can we make that button do...??!?

Rick van den Bosch

Microsoft Azure MVP, Principal Cloud Architect

I'm a coder, although the official term is something like Principal Cloud Architect. I have been working with Microsoft Azure since it was first introduced. Next to developing cloud stuff hands-on, I've created cloud migration advises and migration strategies for customers.
I also design system architectures, coach developers and optimize the software development process to realize important and complex systems together with the customer.
I am an international speaker.

The official first name on my ID is Henricus.

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