A SQL environment for test or how we provided a dbatools training day at SQLBits using devcontainers

In March Jess Pomfret and I gave a Training Day for 5 million* attendees about dbatools.

For those that dont know, dbatools is the most popular SQL Server open source PowerShell module and has used blog posts from many of the SQL community as inspiration for over 900 million* commands written by over 4tn* contributors.

As we did not know even right up till the day whether we would be delivering together or separately, in person or remotely, we decided to put our demo into a repository and deliver it from a controlled environment (two containers) using GitHub Actions, Docker Hub and VS Code.

We learned some things along the way and had some fun also and we shall share this all with you.

Whilst this is about dbatools, PowerShell, containers, Pester and some fun. It will also show you how you can create a SQL Server environment which will enable you to repeatedly run demos, allow others to run the same code as you.

* It is highly likely that some numbers may have been exaggerated

Rob Sewell

Be-Whiskered Automator of Things

Exeter, United Kingdom


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