Azure Arc-Enabled Data Services Introduction

Azure Arc Enabled Data Services allow you to provide the capabilities, functionality, and ease of management of Azure Data Services but hosted on your own infrastructure or in other clouds. This allows you to get all the latest Azure Data innovations, elastic scaling, and a single pane for all your data workloads with or without a direct connection to the cloud.

Being able to host your own PaaS services, no longer worrying about patches, upgrades and utilising system managed backups but still being able to manage those services from the Azure Portal and utilise Azure Monitor and Security systems will be appealing to many organisations who cannot fully migrate to the cloud or who want the ability to move to a different cloud provider in the future.

Come and learn about this offering and how it can help you to manage your Data Services no matter which cloud you are hosting them on.

Rob Sewell

Be-Whiskered Automator of Things

Exeter, United Kingdom

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