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Exeter, England, United Kingdom

Control your cloud data deployments - Deploy your Azure Data Solutions with Bicep and Azure DevOps

Lets migrate to the cloud.

You can go to the portal and click in the blades and manually create all of the resources that you need. Such as Azure SQL Databases, Azure SQL VMs, Azure Arc Enabled Managed Instances, Azure Databricks or Azure Data Factory for example. You will want to ensure that they are all logging to Log Analytics and have monitoring enabled, maybe you need all of them to have Private Endpoints set up.

But you will forget something, you will mistype something, you will need to create multiple environments and they will need to be the same. Manually creating things is time consuming and mistake prone.

Humans make mistakes.

Come and join me and I will show you how to deploy your data infrastructure into Azure using Bicep and Azure DevOps. How to ensure that when you deploy your resources, you automatically include Log Analytics or monitoring or add Private Endpoints.

You will learn
• What Bicep is
• How to compose Bicep with VS Code
• How to create a pipeline in Azure DevOps to deploy the code
• How to add Logging and Monitoring to your Azure Data Platform
• How to create modules so that you can ensure that you deploy all of the resources that you require quickly, easily and repeatedly

You are
• Someone interested in Infrastructure as Code for cloud data resources
• Interested in learning new things
• Want to deploy consistently to Azure
• Never heard of Bicep or pipelines

Rob Sewell

Be-Whiskered Maker of Things

Rob was a SQL Server DBA with a passion for PowerShell, Azure, Automation, and SQL (PaaS geddit?). Now he just helps people make things. He is a Cloud and Data Center MVP and a Data Platform MVP, co-leader of Data South West UK User Group and PSConf EU organiser and has spoken at and volunteered at many Data and PowerShell events all over the world. He is a proud supporter of the Data and PowerShell communities.

He relishes sharing and learning and can be found doing both via Twitter and his blog. He spends most of his time looking at a screen and loves to solve problems. He knows that looking at a screen so much is bad for him because his wife tells him so. Thus, he is often out riding his bike as his eyes are not good enough to play cricket any more

He has a fabulous beard

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