Old Name - New CLI - why you should take a look at sqlcmd

Introduced with SQL Server 2005 and replacing osql, sqlcmd has been a part of SQL Server professionals toolbox for a long time now.
Many people only know it from the sqlcmd mode switch in SSMS, while others use it within automation as a lightweight easily available query runner. I have long recommended that DBAs are familiar with using it as it may be the only option to query an instance in severe emergencies.
Times they are a changing.
There is a new sqlcmd available and it has some awesome new capabilities.

Let me introduce you to the new sqlcmd in a fun filled demo session and show you the new things it can do and why they will be of benefit to all Data Professionals

We will cover deploying a database into a container from a backup with one command.

Querying it, Opening it in Azure Data Studio, all from the command line and much more

Rob Sewell

Be-Whiskered Automator of Things

Exeter, United Kingdom


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