10 Non technical pitfalls that will make your Microsoft 365 implementation fail

WHAT: With Microsoft 365 implementations, it is often said that 30% is about technology and 70% of the implementation is about the people in the organization and the way they work. Let's face it, not all Microsoft 365 implementations bring the results we expected. But what are the biggest pitfalls during implementations when it's not about technology?

WHY: We know by now that we need to work on an user adoption plan. And that we need to organize training sessions. But several pitfalls also come up from management and the user organization. And we would like to recognize these in an early stage so that we can prevent them from becoming a threat to our implementation.

HOW On the base of several practical examples, we name what we believe to be the 10 most important non-technical pitfalls in Microsoft 365 implementations. And we name the possible solutions to these problems.

TAKEAWAYS After attending this session, you will have a better understanding of pitfalls, forces and stakeholders that can damage or even end your implementation at various (unexpected) moments. You will also be provided with solutions to prevent this from happening in your projects.

Robert Wetting

CEO and consultant Onz365

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands


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