Archiving e-mail a problem? The Capstone methodology can provide you with the solution.

WHAT: Let's face it, we just can't seem to reduce the large flows of email. We are doing our best to transition employees to chat as much as possible but the mail is still not getting less in numbers. And what should we do when we are also asked to archive relevant e-mails? How are you going to organize that?

WHY: Many organizations have the need to archive mails. This may come from a legal duty but it may also have to do with reconstruction of work, accountability and legal assurance. But is there a method to make a difference between what should and should not be archived. And do we have to do this manually or can it be automated? In the large streams of e-mail, how do we make the right choices without it becoming too work-intensive?

HOW: Introducing Capstone methodology within Microsoft 365 can solve this problem. By applying this method, your most important e-mails are automatically archived and you will comply with the demanded archiving. In addition, the volume of emails to be managed also remains manageable. And all without your employees having to do very much for it.

TAKEAWAYS: After attending this session, you will have an understanding of what the Capstone methodology is. How it contributes to email archiving and helps you become compliant in this field. We will show you what options are available when setting up in Microsoft 365 and what considerations you should make.

Robert Wetting

CEO and consultant Onz365

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands


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