Will my M365 implementation ever be ready? M365 Maturity and Amsterdam Information Model helps you!

FULL TITLE : Will my M365 implementation ever be ready? The Maturity Model for Microsoft 365 and the Amsterdam Information Model might help you out!

WHAT: When implementing Microsoft 365, we often start with mail migrations, moving to Azure AD but there is so much more to it than just the technology. But when is your implementation fully complete and how do you get an overall picture of all the issues involved in a Microsoft 365 implementation?

WHY: As an organization or project, you want to have an overall picture of things you would need to organize in a Microsoft 365 implementation. Regardless of which parts of the business productivity suite you will be using. But what tools are there to get this insight? To define what end situation you would like to grow to? And to make measurable where you are now?

HOW: Using the Amsterdam Information Model, we identify all the things that need to be realized during a Microsoft 365 implementation. Which order we can use and what the relationship between them is. For each part of the Amsterdam Information Model, we can define the deliverables. And we use the Maturity Model for Microsoft 365 to make our progress measurable.

TAKEAWAYS: After attending this session, you will have gained insight into the Amsterdam Information Model, the Maturity Model for Microsoft 365 and how these can contribute to your organization's Microsoft 365 implementation. You will also have insight into both technical and non-technical deliverables from these models.

Robert Wetting

CEO and consultant Onz365

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands


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