Database DevOps: Options for database change management

Whether you are the DBA for an Agile, Sprint-based team, or a developer with DBA responsibilities, you may feel like the development bottleneck at every turn. Managing migrations with your ORM of choice is easy but often error-prone and hard to manage as the project grows. Or worse yet, maybe your schema and change management is a folder full of poorly commented SQL scripts saved to a shared folder or local drive.

Surely there's a better, SQL-centric way to manage databases as code, validate changes, and deploy updates - right? Yes, there is!

This talk will explore what database DevOps is and how open-source and paid tools like Flyway can help you manage database schema and code changes while incorporating agile CI/CD practices.

By the end of the session, you'll be ready to tame your rogue application databases, managing changes and migrations with ease, and become the envy of the development team.

Ryan Booz

Developer Advocate at Redgate

State College, Pennsylvania, United States


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